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Get loads of baby name suggestions!

The iPhone/iPad app Baby Names Mania will give you loads of great name suggestions for your baby! The app will quickly show you screen after screen with beautiful, exotic and original names! Tap a name to add it to your favorites! Narrow down the selection by adding filter criteria! Browse popular names by language! Share names on Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo!

Top lists of baby names that expectant parents around the world are considering right now!

Baby Names Mania is used all over the world. When you and all the other users get name suggestions in the app, you have the option to add names as favorites. From this information, we can create up-to-date top lists, that shows which names are the most popular right now! This information is unique on the Internet. There is no other source of information that shows top lists of names that expectant parents are considering right now! 

(Note that the top lists are anonymously summed up by language, you don’t need to worry about other people seeing which favorites you have selected. There is not even a user signup required. Just start using the app immediately after startup.)

Available for iPad and iPhone!

Baby Names Mania iPad version. This app will give you loads of unique baby names

Screenshot: Baby Names Mania, iPad version

Baby Names Mania, iPhone version main screen                       Top list of the most popular english baby names among expectant parents right now

Screenshots iPhone. Main screen and a screen showing the top list of the most popular english baby names among expectant parents right now. There are lists for all major languages around the world. The top list data is anonymously crowd sourced from our users.

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